How to Become Our Distributors | Recruit Your Own Distributors | FAQ


  1. At present I don't have even one (1) distributor in your country
  2. I only want to recruit the first person who can buy 900sets books with VCD from me THEN I will appoint him as my main distributor and we will forward the interested name lists to you to contact them. (first come first serve).
  3. US$1 convert to Ringgit Malaysia is RM3.30.
  4. You can order different quantity and the price is follow the step. Minimum quantity is 50sets.
  5. Yes, you can sell online.
  6. The VCD is follow the book content. Some VCD run time is 75 mins and some are 40 to 50 mins.
  7. Our packaging is using plastic cover (Standard type).
  8. At present we only sell books with VCD.
  9. Our paypal is not ready yet. You can pay by Telegraphic/Transfer or Western Union.
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