Malaysia Publishing House & DistributorWe are a Publishing House & Distributor, which has been in operation in Malaysia for a few years.

We publish Preschool & Primary educational English books and video CDs (contents of the books are the same as the corresponding video CDs). The video CDs contain interesting animated cartoons and graphics which enhance children's learning desire, and provide reading practice.

We are looking for DISTRIBUTORS as below:

  • Book distributors
  • Kindergarten distributors
  • Primary school distributors
  • Book fairs
  • Video/CD wholesalers
  • Baby product distributors
  • Shopping centre promotions and spot-sale counters
  • Children educational suppliers
  • School library suppliers
  • Toy wholesalers
  • Stationery wholesalers
  • Magazine distributors
  • Children product distributors
  • Direct sale companies
  1. Packaging/ Size
    Each set of book with VCD contains (105 grams). Book size 12 to 16 pages, 210mm x 297mm, full colour, cover paper 210gm art card, pages paper 105gm matt art, animation carton VCD.

    Each carton contains 300 sets of book with VCD. (33 kgs). Carton size 65cm x 33cm x 25cm.

    Minimum order is 1 cartons = 300 sets book with VCD. (330 kgs).